Not all of us are morning people – we don’t wake up before the sunrise and we just cannot stomach any food before working out. And that’s okay! Truth is, the best time to workout is whenever convenient and a short 10 minutes workout is going to be better than none at all.

On the other hand, lunch hour is probably the one time working adults get a break from sitting at their desks. To schedule in eating proper meals and a workout, it would require some planning. Here are 3 mistakes for you to avoid!

Mistake 1: Skipping lunch

Hot dog with pickles, tomato and lettuce on wooden background. Top viewThe 1 hour lunch break you get gets healthier when you choose to exercise during that time. Unfortunately, this benefit gets reverse when you skip lunch. You don’t refuel your glycogen stores and you don’t repair those muscles with protein. That can in turn cause your muscles to break down and throws your metabolism off course. Skipping meals is one of the common mistakes people make.

What you should do: Pack a post-workout lunch

Mistake 2: Running outdoors

women during the cross-country race in public parkSouth East Asia has the glory of being situated very close to the equator. With our humid climate, the real feel can get up to 34 or 35 degree Celcius. In addition, the sun’s UV rays are its most unforgiving state. Unless you lavishly soak yourself in sunscreen and drown in lots and lots of water, it’s not the ideal time to be running outdoors at that time. Besides, our body temperatures rise slightly throughout the day and reach a peak at about 2-3pm. So running outdoors during your lunch break, greatly increases your risk of a heat stroke.


What you should do: Hit the gym for a treadmill run on these days

Mistake 3: Think of sweat sessions only as running

young women in sport dress at an aerobic and zumba exerciseBiggest mistake runners always make is that they just run, run, run. However, what makes a great runner is one that develops him or herself through other forms of training. Instead of insisting on an afternoon run under the blazing run, join a lunchtime bootcamp or Zumba class. You can even do simple core workouts at a secluded corner in your office (and hopefully not get caught).

What you should do: Plan for morning or evening RUN sessions and afternoon cross-training sessions


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