Do you wake up at 4am to the buzzing alarm? Eat an energy bar for breakfast? Rush out of your house at the last minute to get to work on time? Still, there’s something alluring about finishing a morning run before the break of dawn, and feeling refreshed instead of sluggish from being dragged out of bed. On top of that, there are absolute benefits to running in the morning – Here are 3 of them!

Helps set your day right

Beachside running sunrise or sunsetIt helps you start your day right! Instead of waking up sluggish in the morning, dragging your feet out of the door with a half-eaten breakfast, you’re freshly showered and energetically going out of your house. You feel good and you’re probably more alive than half the commuters in the MRT.

Helps improve health

blonde Runner silhouette doing stretching exercisesRunning is great for losing fat and improving body composition. Not just that, Dr. Scott Collier at Appalachian State University has proven that morning runners enjoyed a 10% drop in blood pressure (Source). Besides, morning runs do not have the distractions of work and life getting in the way. It’s a mood booster and excellent stress reliever for the rest of your day.

Helps get it out of the way

We all know the benefits of running (one of which is a bigger, better brain), but even those with the best intentions can get “busy.” So finishing off your run in the morning gets the cardio out of the way. You don’t let a “bad day at work,” “needing to pick up kids,” and other busy-ness prevent you from running.


Young fitness couple celebratingFor your next run, why don’t you try making it a morning one instead?

If you’re shaking your head and thinking about how you’re not a morning person, we’ve got some tips for you here!

#1 Pack your bags beforehand

Lay out your workout clothes beforehand, that’s one. Another is to pack your work or school bag before you head out for the run. It reduces the morning hassle.

#2 Drag a friend along

Having a partner in crime makes it difficult to bail at the last minute. When you’ve a friend waiting for you at the start point, you’d be less likely to snooze and get back to bed. A friend would also be an amazing cheerleader when you feel discouraged.

#3 Plan your breakfast

It’s easy to skip breakfast if you underestimate the amount of time you actually need to run, shower and prepare for work. Plan in a good breakfast – something delicious such as peanut butter sandwich, overnight oats, scrambled eggs that you’d actually look forward to. It could be a mini reward for your run!

Let us know if you’ve more tips for our fellow runners out there! 🙂



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