Thank you my team mates for a fun day out together! We all sure enjoy ourselves today! 😊


Rey was supposed to be running with us but due to an injury he couldn’t run and Hao Han have to take over. Luckily substitution of team members is allowed and as long as the bibs runs in sequence there will not be any problem. Good that the organisers considered that Sundown Marathon is just over, a lot of runners may not have recovered yet. Although Rey couldn’t run, we were hoping that he can come and serve us water and and food or help us massages our legs while we wait for the next turn to run again 😆 Just kidding, we all wishes him a speedy recovery! 😁

imageOur team name is called the ‘Chin Chye Runners’ because we were like anything when we are discussing about what team name we should come up with 😂 We are running the mixed category with 6 runners running 100km relay. A total of 31 loops at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park with the first runner running 6 loops while the rest run 5 loops.


I had still not yet recoverd from the marathon last week and unfortunately I kept coughing since Thursday. Have not been running since Sundown marathon because my left leg is painful. I believe is because I did not wear compression for Sundown marathon so must believe compression wear really helps! Last year I wore compression stockings to run a 42km and I’m very fine and can even run the next day but now my left knee and the bottom of my left foot hurts so much that I walked tip toeing on my left foot for the past few days. This few days I just massages my legs and wear compression for recovery.

This morning, I woke up with my leg still my any better and throat really pain with every single cough. But still I look forward to the relay run. I have never participated in any sports day running events during my school days period so since weeks ago, I’ve been quite looking forward to this event. I just aim to finish the run with no extra injury and don’t want a strain to become a permanent injury. Actually is it a strain or a muscle-ache I also do not know 😅 I consult a doctor on Friday for my cough and at the same time asked about my leg and the docor says: Oh your leg like this is very normal after a marathon lah. For the pain take Panadol can already 😆 So I am quite relief because my leg is just fine! 😆

The weather was good today during our entire run. Luckily no sun at all to roast us! The few drops of rain is really great! I’m thankful to it! Although I am very tempted to walk but seriously saw no runners with bibs on is walking! And I am very prideful to say I did not walk at all 😊 For the first few loops, the route for the run is not indicated properly and the volunteers are not ready yet so some runners ran more at some part and some runners ran less at some parts of the park 😂 Running with ‘bai ka’ and cough is no joke but both my ‘bai ka’ and cough is not ‘life threatening’ that I couldn’t run so I just keeps on motivating myself and telling myself ending soon and will be my turn to rest 💪🏻

imageDuring our turns to rest we just talk, take plenty of photos, play card games and socialise around making new friends. And of course eat! There is too much food from the event organisers. Bee Hoon, sandwiches, fruits, noodles, cakes, muffins, curry puff! Am not a picky eater so I’m fine with the food 👍🏻 And thank you Kelvin for the snacks! Thank you Chiu Ping for the picnic mats and thank you Thomas for picking me up! And thank you Eugene for the card games! Thank you for the Photographers who help us take precious photos! Thank you event organiser for the event! Seems like I got no contribution 😂 Oops! 😆
image image

There is so little teams participating in some category that for example everyone in that category can get podium because only got 3 teams or may even be the only team that participate in that category 😂 But think that the medal should not be a general medal for both the 50km and 100km category 😔 If this year I had signed up with a team of 6 women running the 100km relay, we will get first! Because got no other competitors, but getting first this way won’t feel any glory or pride right 😅


So in the end there were only 4 mixed teams, 4 men and 2 women in a team that run the 100km relay. By right they were 5 teams. One team went MIA, don’t know what happened. We came in 4th. We were late by about 20 minutes than the team that came in 3rd. It’s way much nicer to say we came in 4th position than we came in last right? 😂 It’s quite a pity because we run so hard but still missed the 3rd team by 20 minutes which is quite a lot. But because one team ran with 5 men and 1 women, basically they should not qualify for podium right? But we just let it be because they are quite senior in age, they run fast and hard and we are happy for them too 😊 It is not about winning. Sometimes in this little things we learnt a lot and can relate to other things in life. Be happy and be happy for others 😄 Be ‘Chin Chye’ like our team name 😄

Next running event: Batman Vs Superman Run 26.06.2016 😁

[Friendship bond by running]

It is really my honour to have met these groups of friends through running and I’m so lucky and blessed to have them as friends and some who I feel are like elder brothers and sisters 😊 I learnt a lot from them, not only about running but things in life too. The amazing part is that before running brought us together we are totally strangers but we are now friends who jokes around, chats about everything else and all sorts of nonsense too 😆

image image image


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