I love the medal for this run so much! 😆 It’s so pretty and I almost couldn’t get this medal as I didn’t want come to this run at first just hours before the event! But I am quite disappointed with the finisher tee shirt. It doesn’t indicate how much distance you completed 😔 Finisher, running 100m I’m also a finisher right?


I sincerely thank Kelvin and Serene that I can complete this run. We start the run and end the run together, talking and laughing. It was really fun and I can’t believe I completed the run not in a zombie mode like I expected but in a very enjoyable run happy mode 😊



This is the first time I run without using my running application to track my route, speed and distance because my phone have only left with about 30% battery life and I planned to go very slow the moment I decided to turn up for this run. I have no intention to come for this run in the first place hours before the race. Not because of the heavy rain in the early morning but because firstly, I lack of sleep, secondly I drank a lot of alcohol just hours before the run. Really a lot till for a moment I worry that I might get alcohol poisoning. I think it is common sense that it is not advisable for people drink so much alcohol and run. I drown myself in plenty of water too hoping to dilute the alcohol in me.

I didn’t bring any bags as I’m already being quite late and I’m afraid that there might be a queue for baggage deposit and I don’t want my running friends to wait for me for so long. And luckily I didn’t bring my bag, there’s really a long queue.

My friends have already reached and tell me that they are at the toilets but it was so dark at the start point and it took me quite a while till I finally spot it. Luckily I didn’t have the urge to go toilet, there is long queues too. I always tries to avoid going to toilet in events as to me the toilets in events are always a much scarier place than a haunted house in the theme park 😱

It is really good that before the run, they had informed us through sms that flag off will be delayed due to the wet weather. But luckily it was only a 15 minutes delay if not I will be roasted by the sun.


Thankfully, the weather is nothing at all that I will complain about. I love the slight drizzle and the hiding of sun today. It’s cooling 😁 And the slow pace we are going at is quite safe for us, the wet and slippery parts in the route is not a huge problem.

Some parts of the route is very dark, no lights at all. Although I have no issues with my eye sight, but to be safe, placing some lights will be good. Water at hydration point is not cold and many people is littering, paper cups were all over the place 😭

The race village seems very fun but we were just eager to leave the place for breakfast so we didn’t go and explore the race village. Cold towels were issued to us which is really very refreshing for us 😄 Overall, I realise to me what matters most is I ran!

image imageimage

[1 Week Before the Run]

See how I’ll be like the walkers from the Walking Dead during Straits Times Run 😂 My friend is getting married the previous day and I’m one of her sisters. Which means what? From Friday we are staying over to prepare and help out prepare for the gate crash next morning and then night time gonna be the wedding banquet anyone use leg and think will know it’s gonna end very late and that I will only have 2 to 3 hours of sleep and then I will need to catch the shuttle bus and run 18.45km! Only to blame myself for signing up the run when my friend had already asked me very much earlier to be one of her sisters. Hopefully I don’t drink much. Or hopefully I will just be good and drink Chinese Tea only 😆 Rey is cute, he suggested I can camp at F1 pit builing directly after the wedding banquet then run in dress 😂

And I want to thank Eugene for helping me to collect my race pack! 😊 I’ve been getting lazy to collect race pack myself for all the recent running events. Can avoid just avoid. Think for the run I will be wearing my last year’s ST race tee. This year I took smaller size tee wanting to motivate myself to slim down and end up still being too fat to wear 😭 Sibeh tight fit can see my fats 😱 Those smaller size clothes are known as ‘wait until I slim down then wear’ clothes. Pretty sure many ladies will have these types of clothes in their wardrobe 😆

[1 Day Before the Run]

So we were in the hotel since Friday 8pm to gather and brainstorm, discuss and prepare whatever that is needed.

imageIt’s my fourth time being a bridemaids. Some of the Chinese are superstitious that single ladies cannot be a bridemaids for more than three times if not we can’t marry off. I am being honoured to be asked to be one of the bridemaids, I do worry but I’m not that superstitious and if nobody is gonna marry me then I also no choice right 😭 I’ve learnt that being single is not the scary part, being lonely is. But I am not lonely 😄

The whole wedding is fantastic! A wedding very well done and I wishes the newly wed a blissful marriage! It’s super fun at the gate crash coming up with evil games to ‘abuse’ the brothers. And I laugh too much during the gate crash till I wonder if we can get abs just by laughing 😂 A tiring but fun and happy day.

image image image image My mandatory narcissistic selfie shot! 😆

[10 Hours before the run]

Ok, only slept 1 hour and a little more the previous night. This time jialat already. Hopefully after the banquet I can rush home and catch some sleep before the run. Food come just whack! Loading before run!! 😁

[9 Hours before the run]

Huh? Just drink! The wedding is once in a life time and so many more upcoming runs you can run! How often do you see us and can drink with us? This is what I was told. And seems very legit. I missed all my friends and drinking with them.

[4 Hours before the run]

Run? What run? It’s 1am and I’m very stoned, go home after the banquet immediately and sleep then wake up to run? I had think too much already, just stay in one of the hotel rooms that is booked for us to stay over and have breakfast afterwards with them. Is this my 14th or 15th glass of beer? Is that my 3rd or 4th glass of wine? I have to stop drinking, limit reached. I must be crazy to drink different alcohol but I’m quite satisfied that I can tolerate these amount of alcohol and I’m still staying conscious(I would want to say awake, but then when drinking is concern, staying awake and staying conscious are two different things)watching show of those who are drunk and not holding a plastic bag to catch my vomit. Must be eating the food that helps me. If I’m drinking, I will eat a lot. This is my method of keeping me sober, it works on me. My plan of drinking Chinese Tea now seems like a joke.

[2 Hours before the run]

Messages of my running friends in the group chats are coming in. And this Thomas tempted me: You can walk, cut off time 4hours.

I was like, OMG! This is so tempting! I can right? Walk! I’m now very sober because I spent the past half an hour in panic searching high and low for my friend who I thought went missing. It was really like one of the series in Hang Over. How can a friend went missing when you tuck her in to bed just now? Turns up worry for nothing because the Boyfriend came and ‘collected’ her 😂

But I don’t want to walk alone and I asked Serene Jie Jie what pace she doing, maybe I can jog a little. She said she will go very slow in a ‘beautiful beautiful’ pace. Which means she will really go very slow. So I asked if I can follow her and she gladly welcomes me. Settled!

So I just grab all my stuff, took a cab home, change into the first piece of running clothes I see, wash up and hoping I do not smell of alcohol, grab some money and race bib, put on my shoes and left the house immediately and took a cab to F1 pit building.


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