On 30th of January, we waited in line to collect our free pacer in order to participate in the National Steps Challenge. How the challenge works is pretty simple, download the Healthy 365 App, link it to your free pace tracker, strap on the pace tracker to some part of your body and go about your daily lives. The trick is that you will need to walk at least 5000 steps to a maximum 10,000 steps per day in order to earn up to 60 points a day and the points can be used to exchange for vouchers.
20160326_071916216_iOSI was able to easily clock an average of 7000 steps a day thanks to my active entrepreneur (too poor to afford car) lifestyle. As an Unfit Runner with similar friends who are unfit as well and not too mention too lazy or too busy to join us for runs, they are having problems clocking the steps needed to earn the vouchers.

It has been 2 months since we have collected our trackers and while comparing our results among the Unfit Runners, we jokingly brainstormed on other methods which we could clock more steps without really doing the real walking. Here are the 5 despicable ways to earn vouchers on the HPB’s National Steps Challenge

<Disclaimer> The following passages contain disturbing contents and images which will upset your value system and karmic progression </Disclaimer> 

Method 1: Shake it While Watching TV

HPS Pacer ShakingThis method is technically still legit as you are actually exercising your arms. Helps to get ride of those excess flab and tone your arm muscles. Shaking it while watching TV is actually quite tiring..

Method 2: Strap on Mouse/Working Hand while Working
20160326_072230927_iOSNot a very effective method  in my opinion as it only increases the number of steps marginally. It works better when you are playing more mouse vigorous games such as First Person Shooter (FPS) or Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA).


Method 3: Strap on your dog13015-7371-wang-si-cong-dog-apple-watch1-lInspired by the China-Dog-With-Two-Apple-Watch, we never try out this method as none of the Unfit Runners owns a dog but it will probably work as most dogs are pretty active. If for some reason you have a lap dog that does nothing but sit on your lap and watch TV with you the whole day, than perhaps you can borrow your neighbour’s dog.

Method 4: Hide the Pacer in the Clothing of a Fit Family Member


You may be a lazy sloth but you may have a family member who is so fit that you wish that you can have their tone body while enjoying being a couch potato at the same time. Envy no more, put their active lifestyle to good use! Sneak the pacer into their bags/trousers/shirts/wallets and watch the money flow in while you continue catching your favorite Korean show! For some reason the pacer is discovered, claim that it has been misplaced and you have been looking for it for the longest time. Propose a profit sharing scheme if all fails.

Method 5: Make Use of Technology


My pacer went into the washing machine as part of my valiant effort to author this scandalous article. After a day of soaking in the  sweet powdered waters, the pacer came out of the ordeal still pretty much alive. However, the blue tooth and front button are both destroyed making it impossible to sync up with my smart phone. This experiment effectively ended my quest to gain vouchers from the National Step Challenge.

Being a Smart Alec doesn’t pay all the time. And remember to remove your pacer from your trousers after you get home. It is not waterproof…

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post

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