Photo Credit: Pop Sugar

#1 Your home decor includes some form of bib display.

Photo Credit: Etsy
Photo Credit: Etsy

Even if you’re not the fastest running in town, you’re probably the runner that finished the most races (doesn’t matter if they’re all 5K, you’re fit and proud). Having a certain crumple and stain on those bibs just make them look a whole lot more seasoned, and you, a few degrees cooler and more adventurous.

#2 You have more running clothes than normal clothes.

You need them to feel fresh before every run, which happens every day. Twice. It’s not that you don’t need office wear or proper jeans, but somehow you just get by with one piece of each. For running clothes though, it’s not logistically-wise to wash them every day right? They’d get stretched and you’d be wasting a ton of water and electricity.

#3 You can’t stand the word “jog” or “jogging.”

WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN? If it’s a walk, it’s a walk or a stroll in the park. If you’re up and about, it’s definitely a run. If it’s slow one, maybe you meant a “recovery run”? You don’t wear your POLAR or Garmin tracker to walk or have a set up your run tracker App when you’re strollingWhat’s a jog then? Should you be setting these up? Maybe you’ve even looked up the Dictionary meaning of it – I did.

#4 You plan your day around the run.

It’s not that you’ve an all-important meeting with the in laws this evening that you can’t join your friends for drinks. YOU HAVE A RUN. (To be precise, it’s a 10 K tempo run with 70-75%HRmax. Yes, it’s on your schedule.) Why don’t people get it that getting a sweat session in is about the one thing that can make or break your day? You need it, viscerally, kind of like how your boss needs to get your annual employee review done.


#5 You don’t laugh when someone says “fartlek.”

Running in rainy city
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Okay, maybe it’s fun to be doing speed play with a group of friends, but funny? NO WAY. When you’ve to unpredictably sprint and slow down several times, it is exhausting. So when someone says “fartlek,” your eyes momentarily widens and you start hanging on every word the person is going to say.

#6 You usually have one black toenail and are proud of it.

It happens when your toe rubs up against your shoes. It’s gross and the bane of runners when we want to wear sandals. But you know what, it also is a sign that you’ve been training hard. So when you have a black toenail and you meet a fellow runner (or anyone else who would pay attention), you smirk and go “I know.”

#7 You get jealous when you see someone else running.

It’s nothing personal. It’s just that you know how good that person is feeling right now, getting active and sweaty, and you would kill to be there too. Okay, let’s all calm down – we’re sitting down, writing this article too. We get it. If you could, every waking moment would be a run session.

#8 Your day doesn’t feel complete until you have run.

Photo Credit: Telegraph
Photo Credit: Telegraph

Your face is dark as hell. You look distracted, sound irritable and when your friends ask you what’s wrong, you put it down to stress, lack of sleep or a bad work day. However, THE REAL REASON, whether you are consciously aware or not, is that you just haven’t had the chance to get moving and get running. Maybe today you woke up late and had to rush to work after a heavy breakfast, feeling sluggish. You just need that run – even if it means you’ve to run to work.

#9 Your most expensive shoes are your running shoes.

running-shoes-closeup-of-woman-barefoot-running-shoesLet’s face it – it’s the only investment you need in life. Not even kidding about the “only.”

#10 You read this list agreeing with most of them.

Seriously. Only someone as obsessed as one of you reading this would be nodding all the way through this article. But you know what, we’re one proud runner!

#10+1 Your homepage is



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