When I received the email regarding the event pack collection, the first thing I feel is I really regretted not buying the Rock Star tickets! Gonna have priority queue for those who bought rock star tickets during the event pack collection! I didn’t buy that because what comes along with it doesn’t attracts me at first, but priority queue is! Did they mention before about this priority queue thing because I didn’t notice about it. I don’t like to queue, and then I was wishing hopefully I no need to queue during the event pack collection. In the end my friend help me collect the event pack so I also don’t know is there queues or not but still, every race organizers should consider postage option! Even now buy hello kitty from Mac also no need queue or even go to MAC already because got improvements and improvised already right 😆 Many people will be willing to pay and can help you save on event space cost also 😆

So this time I didn’t anyhow chop off the event tee myself, I get a tailor auntie to do it nicely for me at $8. I’m glad I did, it was so hot and humid. I know I could just wear any other singlet to run but I want to be part of the event so I shall still wear what is given but I will just do some amendments to it 😁


When my friend and I saw the queue to take the monorail into Sentosa is so long, we would rather walk in than spend time queueing. Since we are runners, just a 2km walk to event site is not something we would complain. But we were just complaining about the heat and sun 😭 Really so hot and we sweat like as if we already completed the run 😂


My running kakis and I are at the very front of the start line, it is my first time in the front line and it is really great, we get to enjoy very nice dance from the dancers before we flag off.

Due to ‘peer pressure’ I chiong with my running kakis for a while and by the time I reach the tormenting up slopes I walk all the way 😭 The slope is like endless. But luckily I am able to continue running after that.

I was running halfway suddenly I was shoved a fake rubber guitar filled with air by a runner running beside me just a few hundred metres into the run, it’s so cute can! Don’t know why he pass it to me maybe he gets tired of holding it already. But even though it only weighs a few grams I still don’t feel comfortable holding on to it for the rest of the run so I give it back to a volunteer when I couldn’t spot any kids around to give it to and I had enough of holding on to it 😂

The music is nice, with nice music the run is always enjoyable. Some nice fact on music were displayed along the way but I just focus on running and didn’t really pay much attention to them. The event organisers really got effort, many things to entertain us in the running route such as dancers dancing and many photo points. But I don’t see any distance markers around.

The only thing not that good is the baggage deposit, not very organise as they took quite a while to search for my bag, then I realised it’s not only me, my friends also waited quite long while they search for the bag.

Didn’t stay and enjoy the concert but if got Maroon 5 confirm will stay 😁 Enjoying the run and getting the medal is good enough 😁 I think whether the medal looks nice or not doesn’t matter at all to me actually, it’s the running in the running events and experience the running with friends that matters. The medal on first thought looks like the Chinese New Year gold coin chocolate to me 😆

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