My valentine’s day morning is a run with fellow runners and making new friends. Singapore’s running community is nice, I think it is because Singapore is small, we always see many familiar faces at the running events and it is like every runner will know another runner somehow.

This was a running event organised by Gei Gei Running Club, and it is free. Running is free. You can run barefoot, and even naked but don’t say I never warn you that the police will catch you. ^^ It is a choice if you want to invest in a running gear. In life, everything is by choice. It is interesting when people say they have no choice, it is your choice to choose no choice as a choice, so no choice is your choice.


It was a 7.88km run for me starting from UOB plaza to Marina Barrage and then back. Respect the guy who cosplay himself as the Monkey King, wear so much for a run and can tahan the hotness. Just nice in evening I also went to watch the movie Monkey King, can say the cosplayer in the morning really got do homework, very good imitation of the Monkey King and super energetic.


I enjoyed myself as I got no expectation for this run because it is a fee-less run and I can just say that I’m grateful for the volunteers, photographers, organisers and the sponsors for the food and drinks. It take really a lot of effort.

It’s nice meeting runners all over Singapore. Can’t help but think that every runners have a reason to why they run. We run to lose weight, we run to keep fit, we run because of the endorphins, we run because we have time, we run because we want to run away from our problems, we run because we just simply love running.


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