Our body is 2/3 made up of water and water helps to keep our body functioning properly. Although we may not be able to feel it, we are continuously losing water from skin evaporation, breathing, urine, and stool. Especially for us runners, we tend to lose more water content when we are working out; it is important for us to replenish and replace these losses daily to maintain a good health. Not having enough water can cause us to experience dehydration – which may result in lethargy, headaches, dry skin, bad breath and many more. In worse cases, it may even result in kidney stones or kidney failure. While it is recommended for us to drink 8 glasses of water to keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day, drinking water at different times of the day can also help our body in different ways. Find out what are the benefits drinking water can bring us:




  1. […] We have heard that moderate consumption of alcohol has its benefits — positively affecting cholesterol levels, potentially protecting bones from thinning, and supplying the diet with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. However, too much drinks can affect the rate of injuries during exercise and appear to induce detrimental effects on exercise capacity. So while moderate alcohol intake may positively affect health, this impact is no greater than benefits found with regular exercise. There is no need to abstain from alcohol altogether, but we should drink only in moderation and drink wisely. After all, water is still a runner’s best friend. […]


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