As you participate and complete race after race, your collection of finisher t-shirts and medals just get more and more in terms of numbers and variety. Sometimes, we can’t help but reflect on each of their significance, recall the memories, sweat and blood that earned you the shirt you proudly wear for your workouts or daily life activities.

From your perspective, wearing a finisher tee is equivalent to expressing a statement, an identity or achievement. However, do you know what they actually signify in the eyes of others and race organisers? Let’s check it out…

Themed run, 5k, 10k, half marathon, themed run finisher tee

What you think it says: I am a proper runner who can complete distances longer than the IPPT/ 2.4km Fitness test!

What it REALLY says: I haven’t done a full marathon and I will conquer it soon. Time to increase my mileage for my trainings! Perhaps 21km is not my limit yet.


Full marathon finisher tee

What you think it says: I am the true-blue marathoner who is capable of running 42km and can probably travel from Changi to Jurong by foot!

What it REALLY says: I can conquer the weather and distance in Singapore but I have yet to race in other parts of the world where the running surface, climate and culture might be vastly different… Time to book a race-travel package to run the world! Also, I am still unsure if 42 km is my limit yet.

World Marathon Majors finisher tee

What you think it says: I am an elite marathoner who has taken part in the Tokyo/Boston/New York City/London/Berlin/Chicago Marathon!

What it REALLY says: I am super awesome at 42km and rule the roads in major cities around the world. But I have not set foot on distances more than 42km as well as the routes in the wild and adventurous!

Ultramarathon Finisher Tee

Image credit: tanwj
Image credit: tanwj

What you think it says: I can run distances from 50km up to even 100km, as far as my legs and running shoes can bring me! Trail, roads and any terrains, I can conquer them all!

What it REALLY says: Running is my life but swimming and cycling as well? We’ll have to seek advice from tri-athlete buddies!

Duathlon, Triathlon Finisher Tee


What you think it says: I have strong calfs and thighs and capable of swimming, running and cycling without taking much breaks in between. My endurance, strength and determination is awesome.

What it REALLY says: I can do all three sports well but have not done it the Ironman way yet!

Ironman Triathlon Finisher Tee


What you think it says: 3.86km swim, 180.25km cycling and 42.2km run within 17 hours = Ironman = Me

What it REALLY says: You’re quite the man/woman and the REAL DEAL. Mad respect and wear it proud.


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