Getting back in the game

It’s been three months since I fractured my ankle and tore a ligament in the Urbanathlon obstacle race.  Recovery whilst ongoing is excruciatingly slow for my somewhat impatient nature.  I miss running.  I miss working on improving.  I’m still very much a novice and itching to get out there again.

In comes the Sundown Marathon 2015 race.

It’s a race ticks all my boxes to re-integrate into the running world.

First bonus is the time of day or better said night.  As a nocturnal individual, morning races and pre-coffee are just tough on a body clock that operates best at nights.  The Sundown categories are all post daylight and post several coffees.  As a night race, it also means cooler weather, no chance of sunburn or sunstroke, no alarm clock and sufficient time to fuel up.

Second bonus is Sundown’s newly introduced 5km non-competitive category.   This category opens it up to people from all walks of life including children aged 6+.  For a nocturnal culture such as Singapore, the 5km category is a perfect opportunity for families to participate together in an active event.  Certainly, my daughter, husband and myself are signed up for this new category.  For me personally it’s a chance to participate in a racing event without the pressure of competing whilst my ligament is still repairing.


Thirdly, I’ve always wanted to do Sundown just simply because racing any terrain at night will have different challenges to those during the day. Day races you deal with the sun and heat.  Night races you deal with diminished visibility, needing to be aware of the ground beneath you and any potential debris.

Fun for the whole family!

I have another five weeks to continue repairing until the Sundown race.  I expect it’ll be a memorable event for me just simply because I would be coming out of hibernation and finally strapping on my runners again.  For my daughter it’ll just keep pushing her running boundaries.  Not so long ago her races were less than 1km.  Nowadays it’s typically 3km+.  As for my hubby, he wouldn’t call himself a runner but somehow he keeps participating thereby binding us together as a running family unit.

There’s a lot to look forward to with the Sundown race, such as returning to racing albeit an easy category.  It’s also my first night race.  I also have to admit that the racing tee and finisher medals are very cool designs this year.  Most of all though I’ll just be happy to be back on the running circuit.

Photo credit: Sundown Marathon website
Photo credit: Sundown Marathon website



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