As a runner, an active athlete, I have been thinking for days what should be the appropriate tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew. A lot has been said on other social media platforms on his achievement covering almost every areas on his abilities, foresight and leadership.

In my opinion, in a runner’s context, Mr Lee ran the best ultra marathon ever, never a simple road ultra, but a trail ultra marathon with the steepest of gradients, faced with the most challenging of circumstances.

Today, I wish to share what runners have benefited from all his abilities, foresight and leadership. Therefore, instead of lessons learned, I wish to share my appreciation for what I have been enjoying as a runner.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful parks we enjoy as runners.

  2. Thank you for the freedom of being able to run freely and securely at all hours of the day/night.

  3. Thank you for the clean drinking water from water fountains, during our water breaks.

  4. Thank you for the clean toilets which are free of charge, during our toilet breaks.

  5. Thank you for the variety of running routes.

  6. Thank you for greenifying our city, providing unpolluted air for us to enjoy during our runs.

  7. Thank you for the social cohesion and harmony, that we can have multi-racial running buddies.

  8. Thank you for the financial stability, so that we can enjoy global sports products and services at ease.

  9. Thank you for showing us that determination and hard work will pay off!

  10. Today, as a runner, I say thank you for allowing me to find my passion in running.



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