Why Black?

Life was dark for all visually impaired runners. Life was dark for all intellectually-challenged runners. Life was dark for all physically-challenged runners. How to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle were a question none of them could answer. Likewise, a lot do not have the opportunity to interact with their peers, ordinary youth and adults to build bonds and widen their social networks. NOT ANYMORE! Love was found in the form of Runninghour.

Why Pink?

Since the founding of Runninghour, all visually impaired, intellectually and physically challenged runners have the chance of doing something once deemed impossible in the past. They have a chance to interact with the mainstream people, doing things and socialise like how mainstream people do. This JOURNEY Of LOVE, appreciation and trust will go on and on. Visually impaired runners, intellectually and physically-challenged runners are here to stay.

Run So Others Can

Have you been running for a while and been trying to find more meaning to running? Do you need more inspiration and motivation to your running journey? Running will never be the same again with Runninghour. Here, runners run for his/her buddy every step of the journey.

Why RunningHour 2015?

The first blind run in Singapore. Hand in Hand. Heart to heart, run to bond, run so others can. An inaugural national event that aims to use mainstream sports as a platform to promote integration and nurture an inclusive Singapore. The only race in Singapore where participants run alongside over 200 visually, intellectually and physically-challenged runners.


22nd March 2015

The Run will be a rallying call for all Singaporeans to come together and show their support towards integrating people with special needs. Last call for walk in sign up at City Square Mall tomorrow. See yar!

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