brooks run 2015 just run lahMy first race since April 2014.

A long period of shin splints and knee injuries got me off running for a good 7 months. Started running again for SSCM14 in November last year. But it has been too long a break, physically and mentality, I’m off the mark.

So, 14th Feb 2015, Brooks Marina Run was my first race and my first half marathon in 10 months. Leading up to the race, I was training once a week with a mileage of just 19.5km (East Coast Park, B2 carpark to SRCC water point and back). Not enough mileage right? I know. I know.

Yesterday, my buddy and I reached the start point 30mins prior to the starting time. Did a bit of stretching and with a game plan of a 6 minutes pace, this should bring me back nicely at 2hours 6mins. BUT, I felt good, as usually do at a race, adrenaline pumped up, forget about the lack of mileage and training, told myself “I’m ready!”

1 minute prior to flag-off, came the notice that 21km route will be changed. Hack, came some internal messages. The horns went off and I’m sprinted off. 5:20 pace, 5:30 pace, hmmm this isn’t as tough as I thought. I’m gonna hold this pace as long as I can. BIG MISTAKE! I’m not longer as fit / seasoned as I used to be. And I totally forgotten about that.


Did the first loop 10.5km in 58minutes. I was “Hmmm, I may go below sub 2 hours for this.” ARGHHH!!! At the 15km mark, my old problem started returning, right knee flaring up once again. “I can’t stop!” this message kept me going for the next painful 6km. Water station without water added to the misery at the 18km mark. Turning in to the finish at 2hours 9mins. I did the same race at Punggol a few years back at 1hour 48mins. Am I disappointed? I can’t deny it. Am I glad that I finished my first race after 10 months out? Yes, I am.

How much you put in equates how much you get in return!

To all newbie out there. Stay in there!

To all seasoned runners out there. Do not stop unless you have a valid reason!

Running is like a relationship, comes when you nurture it and goes away when you neglect it. Till the next race, I will be patient, I will put in more effort. My friend, please come back soon!


  1. Congrats on making it to the finish line! I personally think the temptation of going out too fast is really the biggest performance killer for most of us, so you’re definitely not alone! Keep up with the training, we’ll go run the SCMS together this December and you’ll see a real slow poke!


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