Briefing by volunteer

 A race that dares to be different

Rewarding scenery after the race
Rewarding scenery after the race

Challenges, historical sites, live band performances- you name it, SMU Mile Run provides you with it. Yes, SMU Mile Run might not be a race with many years of history. Yet, it is a commendable race that should not be taken lightly.

At 8.10am sharp yesterday, the first batch of women from the women open category (about 20 of us, including myself) proceeded on to the meeting point of the race to be briefed by a volunteer on the race route, the venue of the starting point and so on. We then moved on to the starting point of the race to be briefed on the precautions to take for the race. Before that, batches of men from the men open category have already been through the same process and were already half way through their races. At 8.25am sharp, the whistle sounded and off we dashed across the starting line.



Yours truly

Honestly speaking, bearing in mind that the race will start at 8am plus, I was afraid that it would be too hot for me to run at my optimum. Yet, Fort Canning Park proved me wrong. The lush greenery provided the runners with all the shade they will ever need from the hot merciless sun. It made the whole race a cooling and enjoyable one.  Besides, there were plenty of road marshals along the race route to prevent any runners from getting lost in the park. Not to forget, these road marshals, together with live band performances (Fleur and Ngee Ann Polytechnic Percussion Club),  greeted each runner with cheers and smiles that acted as motivation for us to never give up along the way.


Despite the narrow paths at certain areas with sharp turning points along the race route, measurements were taken to prevent any accidents from happening at these areas as runners were dispatched by batches and batches to the starting point of the race. This will allow only about 15 to 20 runners to participate at each interval of the race. In addition, though it was tedious to run the same race route thrice ( 1.6km for each round), the historical sites along the way have kept me entertained. The 9- pound cannon, lighthouse, Fort Gate and Fort Wall were just some of the historical sites that I have seen during the race. In fact, the challenges provided along the race route made this 4.8km race a tough one. Steep upslope and downslopes, sharp turns and flights of stairs- you have to overcome each of them thrice. Trust me, you will feel like a tough cookie after this 4.8km race.

The verdict

Overall, SMU Mile Run is one that ought not to be underestimated because of the challenges it had, the historical sites it provided the runners with, the entertaining live band performances that got rid of the fatigue of the runners. I will definitely join this run again!








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