Did you win the race?
Do you ever get bored of running?
Wouldn’t you ache a lot by running so fast and/or far?

Blah blah blah!

Yes, as runners, regardless if we are amateur runners, leisure runners, seasoned runners or even, competitive runners, there are bound to be several questions that we are tired of answering to. Here, I have picked out top 5 questions that most runners might be tired of answering to.

1) Do you ever get bored of running?

Many of us assume that running is a solo sport and that he/she usually runs similar routes for each of his/ her training session. Well, these assumptions are definitely wrong. First of all, one can choose to run with a buddy (find a suitable one in which you can either pace him/her or vice versa) or with a group of enthusiastic runners by joining a running club. There are many running clubs for you to sign up nowadays like Puma Running Club, Singapore Shufflers Running Club and Team FatBird and so on. Having a running buddy or running with a group of passionate runners can give you great motivation to stay fit and to strive for longer distances or faster timings. Moreoever, with the easy and FOC access of mobile applications that are catered for runners nowadays like Map My Run, many runners are able to choose different and adventurous routes to run nowadays like Treetop Walk, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and so on. In fact, even if one has to run the same route daily due to convenience, it would not get boring if one sets a different goal each day.

2) Do you not ache a lot when you run too much or too fast?

Well, let’s face it. Most of us do. Yet, as the saying goes, no pain no gain. No matter if you have just started a running regime, you have just got back in to your training sessions or you are pushing yourself hard to achieve something, most of us do feel the ache and sore the next day. Yet, we do not stop running because of these. In fact, we continue to push ourselves harder to achieve more. Why? One should actually feel a little sore after each training as it is kind of a gauge that one has actually pushed yourself enough and is not slacking. Of course, if the pain is an acute and persistent one, one should then consult a doctor about it.


no pain no gain

3) Did you win the race?

For runners who have joined countless marathons, you will definitely get tired of answering this question. It would be good to clarify that for many of us, joining a race might not be just about winning it. Of course, it is good to aim for that. Yet, many of us join a race for other reasons too. Some of us might join it to break our own personal record, to break our personal barriers, to stay in shape, to keep fit and healthy, to soak in the atmosphere with a buddy or two, to run in places that we do not usually get access to run in and for charitable purposes and so on. As you see, there are tons of various motivations that push us to join a race. In fact, most of the times, winning a race isn’t what that matters. It is the process of training for the race and completing it that matter most.

4) Why are you willing to pay so much for a race?

This is a question that might sound awfully familiar to many of the seasoned runners out there. In fact, it is a question that I get asked by my family and friends several times for each of the races that I have joined. For some of the runners, it can be for charitable purposes and these can be races like Run for Hope, GK Run to Build and the upcoming Metta Charity Run. Yet, for most of us, the amount that we are paying for the race do not matter. The atmosphere of a race, the friends we have made during the races, the challenge that we have posted to ourselves and have overcame- they are worth the prices we have paid for the races. Like many of the seasoned runners would have said, the experiences gained is totally worth the amount that we are paying for the races.

5) Whoa, you must be really fit and awesome in running then?

Personally, I usually give a slight smile and a ‘nah’ when people do ask me that question. Most of the times, many of us, including myself, we run to keep fit and we take it as a form of relaxation after a hectic day of work.


Thus, to assume that we are really fit and are fantastic runners because of our daily/weekly leisure runs might be a little too far- fetched.  Of course, there are times that we do get competitive and try to break our personal records with intensive training sessions. Yet, to claim that we are really fit and are awesome runners,  that would be a little too exaggerated.

So, here are the top 5 questions that in my opinion, most runners are tired of answering. To both the runners and non- runners out there, I hope this article helps you guys to understand each other more. Feel free to contribute other questions that you are tired of replying to by commenting below.



  1. I would agreed whenever we do such long distant running, questions come! My only question post to me from my love one and friends : why are you doing this, torturing your body at this age? You “Siao ah”…..
    I will just reply ” longer I run longer I live……”

  2. Hi5 to the similar experiences!!! You can show this article to your loved ones and friends to allow them to understand you better☺

  3. cool read! thanks.. I am often getting a different version of “did you win the race?”… When I tell people I signed up for a race they come back with “Good luck, I hope you win!” Which is nice, but sounds so funny to me 😀

  4. Haha. Good stuff. I’m ok with any of these sorts of questions, but when people call running ‘jogging’ now that drives me crayzzzeeeeee

  5. The Running Angmoh: Thank you for the compliment. hahha. I totally feel how you do feel.
    Sinaistrider: Thank you for the compliment. Well I am glad I have not heard that yet.

  6. As a newbie runner I haven’t yet been asked these questions but a friend observing my increased training regime at one point asked me why do i do it? I had to think about it for a while before I confirmed it to myself as well as to why I do it. Perhaps I’ll leave it for a post.


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