Actually it’s more of a ‘first half of the x-country marathon‘ race review, since I was the 1st member of a relay team with a colleague from work.

This was a great event. Very small in comparison to other Singapore’s road race, there were maybe 500-800 runners in total.

I’ve recently started training with the F1 Runners club, so I met the team at the amenity centre around 0630 for a quick warm up.

The route was to be an anticlockwise loop of the reservoir, 2 laps each for the relay teams, 4 laps for the full marathoners.


I don’t know about you, but I always run Macritchie clockwise!

Just as Jacek was giving his Race Director’s speech, a thunderstorm began – which lasted my entire first lap! The trail was flooded in many parts – but having been brought up running cross country in Wales, I am used to a bit of rain – actually I prefer to run in the rain even now.

All dried out by my second lap – it’s amazing how well the trail drains. The last 5k was a good old fashioned bit of racing with another F1 runner – I was able to hold him off with my goat like down hill running skills.

I handed over to Inge, my relay team mate and headed home for a shower. Returned at 1130 to see her come through the finish and collect our medals and very bright finisher T’s!.


mr25x-c2014route (1)

Another awesome Singapore Trail race, can’t wait for The North Face 100 in October.

Happy Running guys….


  1. It was certainly fun running in the wet and muddy trails last Sunday.

    The race route was actually in a clockwise direction as seen from the race map however, most people usually run it in the anticlockwise direction.

    • ha! yes – got my clock direction a bit mixed up there – you are quite right.

      Actually I think it is a little easier run clockwise, the northern trail section is better that way round.

      Agree it was great to get out into the rain and mud.

  2. hi mate, I want to do MacRitchie for training but I live kinda far and don’t drive myself.. would you have any idea if there are any lockers / showers that I could use?

    • yes there are lockers and showers all within the same complex
      it also houses a small cafe, water coolers, vending machines

  3. haha … running in the rain in SG and in Wales not the same bro!

    early June, 6am, rainy morning in Porthcawl
    running jacket, shorts, tees … no gloves
    super cold (even without the rain) … fingers numbed, freezing cold (for a Asian first timer at least)
    and made worst … i got lost on the way back from the beach … missed a turn …
    no map, no GPS …
    ended up running 2x the intended distance lol

  4. ” I was able to hold him off with my goat like down hill running skills.”

    that’s one thing most angmoh trail runners seem to possess that most local runners don’t …
    the garangness to charge down slopes hahaha
    first saw that at TNF 2013 …
    crazy angmohs, run without a care in the world and no regard for personal safety hahaha
    but of cos no entirely true, cos you guys probably been doing that back in your countries and have the know how

  5. Porthcawl. Nice. My Grandma and Grandad lived there – many happy school holidays on the beach as a kid.
    Can be a cold place though for sure.

    On the downhill running, a good friend of mine who is a great fell runner in the UK gave me some great advice.
    ‘When you get to the top of the hill, disengage your brain’. Works every time 🙂

    • lol … luv it! disengage the brain ! hahaha

      problem is .. how do i engage it in the first place 😛


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