Sundown 2014 is exactly 3 days away. I have signed up for my virgin full marathon! All my past races were 10km and I only did one half marathon before.

Anyone out there like me, feeling the jitters now?

I’m both excited and worried. Excited that there will be around 12 other friends doing this run with me, but worried that I may not finish it within my preferred timing. I’m guilty to say, I hadn’t train real hard for this. Nevertheless, I’m just gonna go for it and complete it with pride. It’s not about the timing, it’s about being able to cross the finishing line.

I will definitely hit my PB! (Of course I can. It’s my first full marathon after all.)



  1. All the best ivy!! I did mine last year during Stan chart. U are lucky to have friends with u to encourage u. I was alone. Nevertheless I completed all 42km and now own the bragging rights to wear the t shirt! Lol! FYI I took 8 hours ok? No training, just a few years of doing 5,10 and 21km runs that’s it. The feeling is priceless! Enjoy!! 😀

    • Thank you, krispanda! Yes, it is more motivating to run with friends. Get more friends to join you next time. The finisher tee is definitely a pride! I hope to complete it within 8 hours too. 😀

  2. Good luck! This is my second marathon. I have trained but have to admit I haven’t train enough. Make sure you don’t run too fast at the beginning as this will lead to out of energy at the late stage. And never skip water point and get enough gel to fuel up during the race.

    • Thanks thura! Second marathon and more to go? 🙂 Yup, I have to conserve the energy and hope to make a nice 50m dash through the finishing line. Will prepare the gels to boost the race.. Hydrate well and good luck!

  3. “nice 50m dash through the finishing line”

    i was a noobie once (SCSM 2012) …
    then it dawned on me after that that it was not an ideal thing to do (dashing sprinting thru the Finish Line) …
    you might be either too fast for any photographers to snap a photo finish of you … or worst, if and when they did … your face might be so contorted from all the huffing and puffing … that you might just look anything but your normal self hahaha

    so now, i dashed when the end is in sight … but make sure i slow down sufficiently enough for a good photo/s finish 😀


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