JustRunLah! : How will you introduce yourself to Asia running and fitness community?

Kah Meng – Hi! I am Kah Meng, just an amateur runner who has a passion for running.

Kellyn – Hi everyone, I am Kellyn! I started competitive running in 2015 and have passion towards running too.

JustRunLah! : How did you meet each other?


Kah Meng & Kellyn – Carnival Run. I was there to support my friends. I spotted him somewhere near the finish line after the race and I just said ‘Hi!’ to him (*as a friend*). We didn’t talk much at the race site, but he started texting me that night. Soon thereafter, we started going out to lunch, dinner and to the movies.

JustRunLah! : When did you first pick up running (what age) and what inspired you to do so?

Kah Meng – Caught the running bug from my cousin in 2007 and haven’t look back ever since. Really enjoy the adrenaline I get from the sport.

Kellyn – I’ve always been active but only took up running about 2 years ago, when I was 24. Two years ago, my colleague persuaded me to sign up for my first ever half marathon, and from there, my passion for racing began ☺

JustRunLah! :  Your greatest reward from your sporting journey so far?

Kah Meng & Kellyn – Each other *grin*

JustRunLah! : What is your mantra for when the going gets tough in a race?

Kah Meng – Stay focus and finish strong.

Kellyn – Just keep going, I will tell myself that everyone is going through the same thing as me. Plus, I know he’s there waiting for me at the finish line ☺

JustRunLah!One advice for aspiring runners?

Kah Meng & Kellyn – Train safe and listen to your body.

JustRunLah! : Finish this sentence: Fitness is…

Kah Meng – key to staying healthy!

Kellyn – important for everyone. Every workout counts!

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