With 4 local races happening on September 13, it seems to me that it is an auspicious day for anyone to get off the crouch, lace up their running shoes and just run lah! Maybe clock a new Personal Best timing too?

Since 2009, this year would be the 7th time Race Against Cancer (RAC) 2015 is taking place in our sunny island.

You will probably be able to guess the meaningful cause behind this race merely by deriving from its name, but what you might not know is that there are actually more interesting facts you should know about running RAC 2015!

Hence, if you have made the decision and commitment to run RAC this year, I hope the list below will give you a little boost in your knowledge about this great race.


Here we go!

1. For Cancer, By Cancer

RAC 2015 is a charity run organized by Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) with the aim to raise fund for its various services such as cancer treatment subsidies, welfare assistance, cancer rehabilitation, hospice care, free cancer screenings, research and public education initiatives.

Other programmes which SCS is hoping to drive include the Cancer Care FundCancer Rehabilitation CentreSCS Cancer Treatment FundSCS Help the Children and Youth Programme and SCS Welfare Aid.

Want to find out more information? Check out SCS official website and FaceBook page!

2. Inspiring Stories By Cancer Survivors 

The RAC website featured 8 highly-inspiring stories and after reading them, I was really moved by the strong will and never-give-up attitude that they possess during such difficult times, and it made me reflect a lot about myself as a healthy person at such a young age.

Life is precious.

I believe a lot of cancer survivors and their loved ones will be running this race on the actual day. Say ‘Hi’ to the runners around you, make friends with them, know their names and their stories. I assure you that if you are willing to open your heart and ears to them, life will reward you with much more valuable things that you didn’t expect.

Who knows? You might be stranger with someone else at the starting line but become running buddies at the next race!

Life is full of surprises!

3. One-of-a-kind Sponsors

The Title Sponsor for RAC 2015 is Singtel! Wow! If I remember correctly, there should be no other race being sponsored by the Singapore’s biggest telecommunication company!

The list of sponsors is pretty extensive and there are a lot of sponsors which I have never heard before that contributes to making this event comes alive.

Hopefully there would be booths set up by the various sponsors showcasing their products. I would love to get myself a bottle of chilled Yakult after my 10km run.

What says you?

4. Exhilarating View of Singapore’s East Coast

Held at the Angsana Green in East Coast Park (ECP) on a Sunday morning, the race route will be within ECP compound.

It is a common sight on normal days and nights to see a lot of avid runners running in ECP and hence, the RAC race route should be of no stranger to those that runs in ECP often.

With the coast-line besides you, you will get to enjoy the sea breeze that brushes off your face lightly as you speed off! Oh, and not forgetting the magnificent sea view too!

5. Fun & Bubbly Official Pacers

Image Credit: http://raceagainstcancer.org.sg/meet-rac-pacers/
Image Credit: Race Against Cancer

Meet the friendly runners from the Peirce Reservoir Runners (PRR) Group!

RAC had been identified by PRR as an annual must-support event and ever since 2013, PRR had went through and completed this run together annually.

This year, they will be running beside you and cheering you on to achieve your goal!

Led by experienced Chief Pacer and Pacer Group I/Cs, below are the 4 pacing groups available:

10km – 1 hour (Blue Balloons)

10km – 1 hour 20 minutes (Green Balloons)

15km – 1 hour 30 minutes (Yellow Balloons)

15km – 1 hour 45 minutes (Pink Balloons)

Join them and follow the balloons!

Feel free to speak to any of them on Race Day if you have any enquiries. They are definitely a bunch of lovely and cheerful folks!

Just so you know. PRR conducts regular runs at Peirce Reservoirs on alternate Saturday or Sunday morning every weekend to cater for different groups. Also every Tuesday night, they conduct speed work + strength building sessions.

So don’t be shy and talk to them to know more!


Oh yeah and lastly, RAC runners, don’t forget to hashtag your photos #RACEAGAINSTCANCER2015 on social media and share the joy!

See you on September 13! 🙂

“If you’re trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them; everyone has had them. But obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it.” – Michael Jordan


  1. I remember from past RACe that each runner could get a bottle of Yakult after the race. Dont remember their sponsors setting a booth though; which i get since it is a charity run so the booths should be dedicated to what the charity wants us, the supporters of the race to know WHAT we are running for.
    LOVE your article though; makes my race with them this year so much more special! 🙂

    • Hey pal! Thanks for your lovely comment! This year is my 1st year running RAC and supporting its meaningful cause!

      No matter what distance you’re running, thanks for supporting SCS all these while! Run happy, run safe! Cheers! 🙂

  2. Rookie runner here, and thanks for sharing!
    Just wanted to add another interesting thing which really stuck on me during the race pack collection–the colour Purple.
    The running shirt for this race is Purple; which is not a colour oft used much less distributed to participants, and it’s extra special because Purple is also the universal colour for (all types of) Cancer.
    I’d expect to see a sea of Purple on the race day, which is great as it’s also the wife’s favourite colour!

    • Hey man! Agree to a certain extent. It’s rare to see purple as race tee colour, but this year is getting common! Valentine run 2015, runninghour 2015…

      Do come by the pacer tent and say hi! See ya on race day! 🙂

      And oh, u’re so humble by saying yourself a rookie! I believe no matter you’re a slow or fast runner, if you run, you’re a runner! Well, at least you’re lapping everyone else who’s on the crouch.

      Train smart and run happy! JIAYOU! 🙂


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