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With 4 races to choose from this weekend, many runners were thinking which race they should invest their mileage in. I was not an exception too! Emerging as my champion choice, I decided to take up the challenge of running my first 15km race in RunNUS 2015.

Back in its 9th year, RunNUS is an annual running event organised by the NUS Students’ Sports Club (NUSSSC), in support of NUS Annual Giving. With this year’s theme being “New Age, New Race”, its objective is to generate interest in sporting events and promote a healthy lifestyle among the NUS population and the community at large. There are a total of 4 race categories: the usual 5km Fun Run and 10km Competitive Race, and 2 newly-initiated categories this year – 15km Competitive Race and SG50 Team Challenge.

So if you have happened to miss this race, fret not and read on!

Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC): 150815


Registered as a public participant, I collected my race pack outside Guardian/Near LT50 & 51 at Stephen Riady Centre, University Town (UTown). There was a “How To Get There” guide and map shown clearly on their Official Website and FaceBook page, and as I had went to UTown twice recently, it was pretty easy for me to find my way to the actual REPC venue.

There was no queue during the time I arrived and hence, collection was a breeze. I had to show them both my Identity Card (IC) and also my payment verification slip. However, I did not prepare my payment verification slip in advance, and had some difficulty with the 3G signal and email while I was at the counter. Nonetheless, the lady helped me to verify my payment through the system in her laptop and TA-DA, I was good to go! (Thank you so much!)

Now about the Race Pack! I can assure you there were A LOT of goodies in the race pack and the bag nearly did not have enough space to contain them (WOW)! Ask any participant and it would be the same answer! Curious to know what’s in there? Scroll up the page and take a good look at the featured image above.

The sponsors were sooo generous! *grin*

There was no hard copy of Race Booklet printed. Some felt it was all right, while others thought it was a necessity. I like the idea of Electronic Race Booklet because of everyone’s continuous effort of going green and saving gaia! There are countless times that I would only take one look at the printed Race Booklet and then chunk it aside. After which, it goes down the recycling bin. Are YOU guilty of that too?

Hence, I feel that an E-Race Booklet is sufficient and convenient because nowadays we have smartphones with us 24/7 and we can access it readily at anywhere, anytime!

Race Day: 230815

Waking up as early as 04:30hrs, I put on my running Full Battle Order (FBO) and took a cab down to NUS Track & Field. At the first glance from far, I thought I was at the wrong venue or the event got cancelled. Why would I say that? Because I was walking towards the Track & Field from the direction of UTown, I expected the field to be brightly lit up with the in-built floodlights. However, I could not see any prominent light source and the floodlights were not switched on. It was pitch dark. (No kidding!) I reached there and found that the only lights switched on was at the “Information” tent.

Baggage deposit started at 06:00hrs and there was no light at the tentage. While I was queuing up for my turn, I saw one female volunteer placing her smartphone, with the torchlight function switched on, at the metal structure on top of her working table so that other volunteers, including herself, could actually see a little on what they were doing. Kudos!

The starting time of the race was delayed, but shortly after, we were flagged off to daunt the challenging race route.

After the race, there were performances on-stage by the NUS students, and booths for us to take and print photos, indulge in candy flosses and popcorns, or get pampered by a solid massage!

After Action Review (AAR) – Improvements:

1. Sufficient lighting for everyone’s safety and efficiency in the dark.
2. Drinks provided at water points to be chilled. Make sure there is enough ICE.
3. Print the participant’s Finisher T-shirt size on Race Bib, so that a)you know how many T-shirts to prepare and b)runners would not take a size that is not indicated during registration, hence solving the problem of shortage in certain sizes of Finisher T-shirt.
4. Add a motivational quote with the distance marker to motivate runners as they conquer the challenging route.

AAR – Compliments:

1. Electronic Race Booklet.
2. Volunteers deployed at cross junctions to direct runners the correct way to head to and prevent MIA cases.
3. Prominent distance markers at 1km interval and directional markers.
4. Traffic police activated to ensure runners’ safety and priority while crossing the roads.
5. Clear details given for REPC and Race Day and shown in FaceBook page and Official Website.
6. Affordable rate to encourage NUS students to take up this run and contribute to a good cause!

“Out on the roads, there is fitness, self-discovery and the persons we were destined to be.” – George Sheehan



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