“Thank You, Buddy” contest, phase 2!

Thank you for your eager participation!

With so many inspiring and heartwarming entries, it was difficult to shortlist 25 letters, but here they are! Now, it’s time to hand the decision over to you, the community.

Please read through the letters and pick your favourite by voting at the poll at the end of the page. If your entry is shortlisted, congratulations! Share this link with your friends and family and get them to support you.

The authors of top 4 letters, as selected by you, will receive the prizes. Each winning letter entry will receive a pair of prizes for both the letter writer and his/her running buddy! This is to motivate you and your buddy to keep on running.


Voting has closed – the winners will be announced on December 30th.

The prizes:


2 x TomTom Runner Cardio Watches (First Prize)

2 x U RUN All Access Package – 3 Run Credits^ (Second Prize)
^Up to a full marathon per credit. Choice of runs must be from the U Sports’ list of participating events. Event schedule subject to change.

2 x Skora Running Shoes (Third Prize)

2 x Karhu Running Shoes (Fourth Prize)


The letters:


1. Quek Ee Meng to Alice Tan Soon Hock

“Dear Alice,

You are my best lifetime friend and running buddy.

Although you do only short run (less than 10km but more than 4km), you still patiently wait for me (where i ran 15km or more).

Beside that you prepare healthy homemade bread as my snack and delicious meal to support my speedy recovery after long run.

No words or action can express my appreciation of your care and support of my running interest.

I have my recent two sub 4hr marathon timings to delicate to you, my dear Wife.”


2. Liew Yeng Hoe to Lim Lay Kuan

“Hey Buddy,

Coming to the end of the year, new year in a few more weeks..some improvement this year but next year, lets keep the resolution of competing our very first Marathon. More training and discipline is important, lets continue with our monthly 10km or HM runs competition and while maintaining our thrice weekly 10km morning around every Sunday.

BTW diet and strength training is equally important, we shall now do thrice strength training, leaving us one day for rest. As for diet, we got to watch our weight and our calories intake especially those deserts.

Finally, we did well this year and lets work harder to achieve what we set out for the incoming New Year..Merry X’Mas and Happy 2015 to you and your love ones…”


3. Mervin Sim to Abdul Kadir

About a year ago, one of my running buddy “”K”” asked me this.. “”why don’t you join me in marathon since you been running on treadmill for years. I smiley replied “”Don’t think I can make it mentally and physically for a marathon, beside I find running long distance such a bored. But “”K”” said you are not running alone, and its fun when you run alongside with the others.

I start to buy into that idea and things changed just a few months back, and guess what…? I actually ran a 10km race to a 32km, and completed my full marathon in Dec’14. You could say I was also highly-motivated by my another running buddy “”W””, my neighbour. You could say he is the type who never bother to exercise but actually did a full marathon in less than 2 months since he started running. Wow, if he can did it.. I believed everyone of us can do it too.

Thank you guys, “”K”” (Kadir) & “”W”” (William) for being my best running buddy, always keeping me inspired, motivated and company. And yes, I’m also following ‘JustRunLah’, another great buddy to keep me posted of any forthcoming run events and articles.

Looking forward to another eventful run in 2015 with my buddies!”


4. Lee You Liang to Xavier Low

“Xavier,it been 2 year since i first started running. Thinking back,i was 96kg back then and running never came across my mind. All thank to your constant motivation, you created a ‘wow’,not just to me,but also to my family and friends around me,as i manage to lose my weight to a healthy range of 67kg. Although after that period of time,time does not really permit us to do running as often as we used to due to our studies,we still meet once a week for a light run.lastly,i would like to thank you again for making those effort,all these effort create a new ‘me’. I hope we would do our next marathon together soon in july!
“Don’t be inspired by others,be your own inspiration!”


5. Stephanie Yeo Xin Ying to Koh Zhan Qing

Thank you for running with me! Thank you for being my awesome personal cheerleader and medic. You always keep my spirits (and pace) up, and make sure we complete the journey together safely.

Every run brings new challenges, yet when we conquer them together, they become totally manageable hurdles which make our muscles and relationship stronger. Thank you for giving me energy and strength I’ll never have alone! Without you next to me, I probably won’t even dare to register for obstacle races or half marathons. But we’ve killed both already! May this new year see us run more, explore more new places (and try more new food spots along the way), and maybe bring us a marathon medal!


6. Venice Ng to Edil Fitri

“Hey Ed,

Endless gratitude for you to kick start our charity marathon journey 1 year back despite how unfit i was (U even scold me T.T) but fast forward 1 year, look, we’ve completed a full marathon and raised $1k for Children Cancer Foundation. That said, i always believe i’m a sprinter but you made me believe that i could do long distances too! This SCM’S 42K made me realised how much you’ve strengthen yourself for me even though we were both injured but you accompanied me all the way to complete the race instead of taking the sweeper bus just because i want to complete it with my own strength. Thank you, Ed. :’)

Love, Venz”


7. Chua Teow Aik Samuel to Eddie Chua

I will like to specially say thanks to my running buddy: Eddie Chua.

I was weighing 87kg and has a height of 1.78m in 2013. My all time best buddy who started running a year before that ask me to join him for a 10km run in 2xu Compression Run 2013. I was terrified yet feels like giving it a shot since it has been years since i last ran (not counting the 2.4km IPPT run during ICT which i have always DNF it LOL!). That was the time that changed me, right after the run i feel totally drained and whole body ache..but few days after that run, i had the urge to go out and do my own running (read: Jogging actually)! I started jogging once every 2 weeks to once every week, then to twice and 3 times a week which i have never realised i am actually addicted to it! After which, i signed up nearly every big race every other month i.e Sundown Marathon, Pocari Sweat Run, Newton Challenge, Mizuno Wave Run, Standard Chartered Marathon,etc.

Till today, i have completed 3 Full Marathon and weighing 68kg! It has also transformed me to a better shape! So yeah, thanks to my great running buddy for this!


8. Nur Hazwani to Md Irwan

“I started with nothing! Till the day you push me to jog briskly.. When i give up, you don’t listen to my temperamental, but instead you ask me to listen to the sound of the footsteps.

Less than a year, you became my pacer or should i say motivator! And now, i’m motivated to do it as my routine! I will cry when you ask me to run the entire Bedok Reservoir. But now, I thank you for doing so! You make me healthier and fitter..

I completed two fun run 5-KM this year! Because of you, my running buddy, you make me addicted to run more for other races in 2015.

Without you, i don’t think il be addicted to run! Thank you buddy!! Only run enthusiast will understand how i felt since i last stoped running in 2011.

And, now i feel restless if I dont run atleast. When you feel tired, just tell yourself to JUSTRUNLAH! That’s what my buddy always says!


9. Yap Chang Peng Desmond to Cecile Luo

I want to thank my running buddy for providing the ultimate support over the past years. The amazing encouragements definitely made my running journey exciting and enjoyable. Recently I discovered an injury from previous run. I guess I have to stop running for the moment and will not be seeing my running buddy for a while. It is very saddened for me that I will be missing some awesome running events in the upcoming year and I have been eyeing them for a long time. Continue training and wait for me because I am sure that I am going to get well, recover, improve and we will meet up soon for a good run and relive those wonderful experiences again. Kore wa yakusoku desu.


10. Eleanor Chee to Daphne Ong

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. -Helen Keller

When I don’t feel like running but I need to, she is there. When I’m exhausted and tempted to quit, she encourage me and push me on. When I’m slowing down, she will run by my side to pace me. Throughout my running journey, she is always there to remind me to hydrate, to nourish, to listen to my body, to do warm down exercises after a run and get adequate rest. Besides, she would advise me on my diet, fitness and footwear. She knows when to trade stories with me while running and she understand when to run alongside me in silence.

As we run, we hooked. Time passes by more quickly for the distance we ran and it’s a great way to know a person by running with them. We meet each other at our best and worst, talk about things we probably would not talk about if we had to look each other in the eye over a coffee session.

All these while, she has inspire me to take on challenges to improve my endurance and strength and that slight edge in speed forces me to push a little harder to achieve my personal best.

She trained with me when our marathon is near, Despite all the negativities within me, she taught me to stay positive and never to doubt my potential.

On race day, we would not be running together. But we are running on the same road.

That is what running buddies are for. The road is easier to endure when you are on it with a friend. You made every run enjoyable, Daphne!”


11. Yeo Hui Xing to Desmond

“Hey buddy…

Picking up a running shoe and start a 2k, 5k or even more than 10k run might be a easy thing for many. But to do it persistently for 7day a week for months… Averagely 10km per run! Towards some, this can be madness! Especially when we’re almost 40’s. For no special reasons we just run…

If I win this GPS watch, we shall do it away from the cemented/tar roads with few trees and backdrop of building. We shall run off-road with more greenery & where the air are fresher!

Even enrolled for the TMBT @ Sabah! And not worrying of getting lost in Borneo Jungle!



12. Shirley Yip to Bill

Thank u for waking up earlier than me on race days to prepare coffee and bananas for me. Sending me to venues at godforsaken hours, sometimes not even going back home to z a wink and coming back to fetch me as tat would mean having to park further away due to no lots nearest to ends. Back home after races, u will prepare salt baths, cook noodles lunch(tho u prefer rice), and leave me alone as I’m always cranky from tiredness(so tactful). W/o u, I would not hv done 10 races this year. I hope u will try a race on 2015, so I will have a chance to drop u and pick u up. :p


13. Roslina Binte Rahim to Hartini Binte Abdul Hamid

“Dear Hartini

Before I started to be healthy and to stay healthy I tot I couldn’t do it. With the aches and pain I endure it n persevered. There are times I want to give up because of the pain that I have to go thru but I have to bear in mind of the end results that will benefit me. Thank you for being my Butt-D who is constantly advising and teaching me ropes of workout to keep fit…..having you as my partner in running also motivate me further to conquer most of the run in 2014……there are ups and downs, sadness and happiness but we manage to pull thru…..None of us got to where we are alone. You never failed to motivate me and pushed me to the top knowing the condition I am having and also being over weight. Whether the assistance I received was obvious or subtle, acknowledging someone’s help is a big part of understanding the importance of saying thank you. Our aim is not to finish the race First but to Complete it.

Thank You Buddy!!!



14. Vincent Nyeo Giap Thai to Dora Goh Tsan Tsan

“I like to thank my wife who has been running with me for the pass 2 yrs. From not able to last 5 mins on the track to now completing our first half marathon in bkk on 14th Dec 2014. We both have been overweight and now we are looking to do a full triathlon together.

She is my motivation and my pillar of strength when my legs become jelly she urges me on.

Thank you my lovely wife.”


15. Shannon Heo to Sharon Koh

“Dear Sole Sister Sharon,

I guess it was fate that we re-connected again after not being in touch for the past 20 over years. Since then, you have been an inspiration to me and the reason why I picked up running was to be like you – a strong woman who stood her ground no matter what challenges the world threw at her. Unlike others who were always quick to judge or criticise, you NEVER once said a negative word to me, not when I was a total newbie to running when I could only run a pathetic 3km, not when you had to wait an extra 3 hours for me to finish the Sundown Marathon, not even when I failed to finish the recent SCMS.

As you know, my running days are numbered and it is uncertain how many more races I can do. I remember you once told me that no matter how long more I can run for, no matter how long you have to wait for me complete each race, you will always be there for for me to run with me and support me through each race. Whenever the journey gets tough, I remember those words and remind myself how fortunate I am to share this special friendship with you.

It’s surreal thinking of the days gone by, when we were both innocent 7-year-olds put in the same primary school class and how we’re both mothers now who share the same passion in running. Words can never aptly describe the gratitude I have towards you for being such an inspiration and supportive friend. The only thing I can do is train harder so I can run faster and meet you at the finishing line sooner haha! And yes, we will conquer that ultramarathon soon. :)”


16. Rosita Azcuna to Harold

“Hey Buddy Harold,

Merry Christmas to you!

I have a confession to make. Ever since I worked in the call centre, I got too lazy to exercise. When I came here to Singapore, I met you in the office. You were big back then (2010). We became friends and then started seeing less of each other because of our work schedules. A few months passed and I almost did not recognise you. You became so different from I first met you, healthier and happier. I remember you told me stories about how you did it and I got so inspired. I started running last year because your Facebook posts about running and exercising are just so inviting. And even to this day, you continue to believe that I can do better even when I am hesitant of myself. Thank you for continuously reminding me that I can do it. It helps to keep me motivated. I wish more people are like you. You are an inspiration to us your friends who are trying to lose weight and have fun doing it at the same time. Running is now my passion and slowly I will run a full marathon like you in future. For now, I am praying for that 21km next year! haha. Thank you so much Harold!



17. Kelvin Ng to Kevin

3 years ago when I started picking up running, i was unable to clock more than 3 km without even stopping to catch my breath. I was a heavy smoker then and decided to quit smoking for the sake of my children and i started running as a way to kick the habit. All started bad as i do not have the fundamentals of running and tends to over strain myself and injure my muscles after every run. I started to join a group of runner for their weekly runs and that is where i met you. You saw the determination i had in me to improve myself and you gave me advice to help me overcome the barriers that prevent me from moving further. Without your guidance, i would not be able to run injury free and clocking longer mileage like before when i first started running. Your advice had help me from a 5.45hr 2013 SCM to a 4.40hr 2014 SCM. I am looking forward to another 1 hr cut in the next 2015 SCM. Thank you for your support and there will be more runs and races together in years to come.


18. Gi Chih Whang to Vanez

Hi Sweetheart. Though you have already know the main reason I took part in running events, I still wish to use this chance to tell you that you are my soul motivator and running buddy. You have being participating in running events and I thought in order to get closer to you is to join you although I do not really love running. The presence of you is enough to motivate me in participating for more running events. I am very happy now that you are not just my running buddy, but also my best life partner. I truly appreciate your love for me and I promise to love you with all my heart.


19. Jeremy Sng Zhi Wei to Dannelia Kuah

“Dear Dannelia,

We do not run at the same speed, and we have different perspectives of working out. These two facts alone are usually enough to ruin any hopes of being running buddies.

However, with us that isn’t the case. There is something unusual here which works.

I used to dread the treadmill. The tedium was deafening, soul-shattering, and anything which remotely sounded like a treadmill (like the office printer) would remind me of the morose experience that is treadmill running.

And then you came along. We may not talk as much as we would like while on the treadmill, but your presence alone constitutes support, much like a supporter along a race route except that you’re there throughout my race. The tedium of treadmill running is interrupted in an unexplainable way, and I don’t associate the treadmill with doleful feelings anymore.

I used to dread intervals. Specifically those where loops of a route are run (for example, 1km-loops). The anxiety before each workout was unbearable, and the last 2 minutes of each 1km-interval was a prolonged period of torment and impatience.

And then you came along. You may walk and jog the loop, and I may run 2 laps for every 1 lap that you do. Fine by me though, because throughout each interval my eyes can follow you as you jog the loop; a steady progression that pushes me along. Then when we meet, the high-five we give each other is like a jolt through my spine and the finishing kick that every lap needs to meet the target timing. Running the same loop over and over again? That’s alright; so long as I have my trusty running partner.

I used to ask myself why we bother doing this lining up side-by-side, sweating, sometimes too breathless to speak (let alone nod to each other).

Then I remember, as I dutifully should, that you are, after all, my girlfriend.

To an eternity of sweating and pain,



20. Teo Caiqun to Cecilia

“Passionate and driven, you like to push limit to see how far you could get in your running journey. I have always admired your dedication to long distance running. As a cross country runner since schooling days, you have run in many different races, ranging from 10km ones to a full marathon!

Thank you for sharing your experiences and giving me practical advice. You have reignited the running spirit within me! The motivation learnt from your training sessions and race experiences allowed me to better understand myself and my passion in running. It opened my mind to trying new races and workouts to improve my running.

A mystery writer Agatha Christie once said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”. Henceforth, i am delighted to have you joining me in the upcoming Sundown Marathon 2015 for my maiden half marathon. It inspired me to train hard for it so that i could keep up with you.

Thank you for being my running buddy. The more we run together, the faster we will become! Cheers!”


21. Jason Tan to Tan Liyan

“Dear daughter,

Thanks for being dad’s running buddy and the motivation and encouragement given me to run further. Without you, dad would not have taken up running as a hobby and participated in so many races. Although dad used to be a short distance runner during my school days but for the past 20 over years since leaving school, I didn’t run much.

Remember in year 2013, with your encouragement, we participated our first race at the Pocari 5km Run and it reignited my passion to run. Since then, we have became running buddy and we start running together around our neighborhood and participating in races. We have since participated in around 15 races that span from 5km to half marathons. I simply enjoyed running together with you and my sincere thanks for the motivation given me to endure the pain and also being such a supportive buddy. Running with you really helps in developing a great father and daughter relationship.

Coming 2015, our new year’s running resolution is to participate the StanChart full marathon in dec. That will be our first marathon and its a great challenge for me. However with you pushing and running with me, I have confident that I’m able to make it to the finishing point.

Cheers, Dad”


22. Weitin Tan to Ah Siao

“Dear Ah Siao,

I remember two years ago, I was chubbier and more unfit than usual that you gave me the nickname of my life: WHALE-TING. That was no doubt due to the fact that I ate too much and refused to exercise. Until the day that you made me buy a pair of proper running shoes and encouraged me to run with you and your rubber lover with a pace no faster than a lazy jog.

You’ve been such an inspiration with your runs for charity, and because you endured the pains of training to get to where you are right now, I always recall this unwavering spirit of yours when I tried finding excuses to start running.

Slowly but surely, I progressed from a 5km-once-a-week-jog to being able to complete 3 long slow marathons within a year and most importantly, increasing my awareness towards staying healthy while enjoying my runs with the company of lovely friends!

Thank you for being a strict trainer, patient (only sometimes) teacher, crazy, yet amazing companion throughout my running journey! May you stay crazy as ever and inspire runners in the community!

Millions of thankful wishes,



23. Sum Chee Ming to Kenny Han

“Dear My King,

I was happily clocking mileage in 2012 until I suffered from injuries the whole year of 2013 and you were the one who took the initiative to advise me on how to tackle the injuries on the New Year day of 2014 and how to come back with the moderate trainings in order to achieve my PB in the recent SCMS 2014.

I thank you for the patience in answering many of my silly questions with regards to running and very often that you do not only answered my questions but also gave me additional information for further improvements.

I feel honoured to be part of the Farkawee, where I pick up most tips from you as you were sharing with me the way to improve my running experience be it running form, pre and post run stretches, diets, massages… unselfishly.

While I continued my trainings towards my goal in SCMS 2014 in the second half of the year, although you were tied up with your own busy schedule but you tips are always fresh in my mind and the best part from you is that I met another runner where he is another runner who benefited from your training program designed for him in 2013 and this runner generously shared with me a modified version of what you designed for him. It is all the seeds of love that you planted that help me in achieving my goal!

My gratitude to you is beyond words for being not only a running kaki, a friend, and a mentor. And, did I tell you how happy I was when you said to me on Saturday that I did well in the SCMS 2014!?”


24. Lim Ing Choo Yvonne to Raymond Cheow

“Dear JRL and all runners,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank to my running kaki, Raymond.

I am at the age of 43, I don’t do exercise nor running since I left secondary school which is almost 25 years ago. Until this year,I started with leisure morning jogging at my neighborhood park (LimPang Park at CCK) for some health reason which I know I need to exercise more often and running / jogging is the easiest way to start off. I started with jog and walk about 3 to 4 round x 600m at least 3 times a week. I have never thought of joining running events as i find it costly and also very troublesome to wake up early in the morning and go all the way to town area from cck until I get to know Raymond who is actively participates in all kind of running events.

By chance I get to know Raymond in July 2014, he shows me his passion in running , he shared with me how he from a person who is a slowest runner during his army until he made it for Full Marathon . He started to ask me to go and run with him at the Maritchie Reservoir Park and we become running kakis since then.

My 1st running event was the Orange Passion Run ,I joint this event knowing Raymond is away from Singapore but he was actually so much wanted to go for this run, so I told him I run for him and I did it for my 1st 5km running event. Subsequently we run together on Passion North Run 8km, followed by SIA and Run For Hope 10km , Kranji Countryside Run 8km and the most recent one was SCM which I run for 10km and he did the Full Marathon. I think I couldn’t run up to 10km without the encouragement from Raymond,especially during the Run For hope , not even run for 2km I already felt the stitches pain ,he accompanied me to walk and run very slowly till the finishing point which took us about 1.25 hours and he broke his record for 10km eventually. He actually can finish within an hour for a 10km run.

Raymond is also the one who shared with me about the important of getting a right profile running shoes . Before that i thought just an ordinary running shoes will do until I felt the pain on my ankle during the run. We also becoming the shopping kaki for the running accessories , running attires , etc…

10km of course not the max for me which Raymond think I can do more , so he encouraged me to go for the next level which is 21km, and I have registered 3 x 21km as of now which is Marina Brooks Run, North East Run and Income 350 . I hope I can make it and I will make it happen for myself and for Raymond.

Most importantly he also introduced me to “Just Run lah” and some other running group in FB which I can easily find out about any new running events and also see those running events photography.

We will continue to run until our legs don’t allow us to do so.

Once again, thank you Raymond for your unselfish sharing about running…

And thank you for JRL to give us the opportunity to show our appreciation towards our running kaki who encouraged us to run and run more…”


25. Foo Siang Hai to Tan Boon Han Ivan

“I want to say thanks to you, for so readily said Yes for our very first run together, the 10km run in AHM 2009. Back then, both of us don’t even jog, let alone run. When I asked you whether do you want to go together for the AHM, you said Yes without any consideration. That Yes was the start of our running journey.

Suddenly we were signing up for runs and more runs. Although we weren’t in the same company anymore, but we still asked each other on Facebook whether we are going for a certain run. From just two events in 2009, we managed to conquer more than 10 runs this year.

This year, marks the 5th year that we have been running. It is also the first time we went overseas for a run together, the SCMKL. And it was you who said Yes again without any hesitation.

I couldn’t ask for a better running buddy except you, who goes wherever I go. And I know whenever i turn to my side at the start line, I know it will be you.”