At JustRunLah! we believe that having a running buddy beside you can make all the difference in your running journey.

This is your chance to write an appreciation letter or a short note to the person who has been motivating you to keep on running throughout the year 2014.

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For most of us, deep down in our hearts, we know that if not for our running buddies encouraging us, we would never have signed up for a race, achieved a running milestone, or even put on our running shoes to go for a neighbourhood run.

In 100 to 300 words, show your appreciation for your running buddy and submit your note using the form below.


The 4 best written letters, chosen by the community, will be awarded attractive prizes!

Each winning letter entry would receive a pair of prizes for both the letter writer and his/her running buddy! This is to motivate you and your buddy to keep on running.

At JustRunLah! we appreciate our running buddies. Hopefully, these prizes will set the both of you up nicely for 2015.

The Prizes

  • 2 x TomTom Runner Cardio Watches (First Prize)

  • 2 x U RUN All Access Package – 3 Run Credits^ (Second Prize)

    ^Up to a full marathon per credit. Choice of runs must be from the U Sports’ list of participating events. Event schedule subject to change.

  • 2 x Skora Running Shoes (Third Prize)

  • 2 x Karhu Running Shoes (Fourth Prize)


The contest has closed.

Learn more about the prizes:




TomTom Runner Cardio Watches

Using a TomTom GPS Sport Watch is the easiest way to improve your running.

The all new TomTom Runner Cardio gives you real time running information when you need and a built-in heart rate monitor so you can get more out of every run.


Heart rate monitoring is the single most accurate means to understand how your body is responding to exercise.Select a zone to match your training goal and always know whether you need to speed up or slow down.You can train in one of five intensity zones:
5. Sprint: mostly used as part of interval training.
4. Speed: high tempo training to improve your speed and fitness.
3. Endure: moderate to high tempo training to improve your lung and heart capacity.
2. Fat Burn: moderate tempo training, great for weight loss.
1. Easy: easy tempo training, mostly used for warm-up and cool down.

Built-in Heart Rate Monitor

Get accurate heart rate information without the need for a separate chest strap.

Train in your optimal Heart Rate Zone

Select a zone to match your training goal and always know whether you need to speed up or slow down.

See real-time running information

See real-time running information at a glance. Track your distance, time, pace, speed and calories burnt as you run

U RUN All Access 2015

Get guaranteed slots to popular races in Singapore. Attend workshops and talks by specialists, as well as weekly training sessions.

All members enjoy exclusive privileges and benefits including hospitality at special booths at selected events.

1 credit will be allowed to be utilised for any 1 running event listed in U Sports Calendar for 2015. 

skora_fw14_phase_m12_mens_singleSKORA Phase Women's

SKORA Running Shoes

Based in Seattle, Washington, SKORA builds premium, lightweight performance running footwear that encourage a more bio-mechanically correct, natural stride. The distinctive look and feel of SKORA footwear is based on the function and benefit of a minimalist design philosophy we call Run Real.

SKORA PHASE is designed to let athletes do what they do best – run.

A breathable mesh upper and low-profile outsole combine for a shoe that’s incredibly lightweight and flexible. PHASE provides runners with unmatched ground feel, without sacrificing protection and durability. Maximum performance with minimum weight.

Lightweight, minimal and breathable Seamless (no-sew) upper reduces weight and minimizes hot-spots Antimicrobial insole helps fight odor Zero-drop construction lets the foot move naturally Asymmetric, no-tongue design reduces pressures on top of foot IBR outsole provides incredible ground feel without sacrificing protection

Karhu Running shoes

Karhu is a Finnish sports brand. Karhu, meaning bear in Finnish, was first using as a sporting goods brand in 1916 by the Finnish company Ab Sport Artiklar.

Karhu’s main line of running shoes is based on their “Fulcrum Technology”, which has been developed in cooperation with the University of Jyväskylä since the 1980s. The line includes several models for both men and women, intended to suit different types of pronation and training, off-road or trail running shoes and racing needs.




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