Dear admins and readers of JustRunLah! community,

On Wednesday 18 May 2016 we published a story titled “Singapore’s 2.4km Kings” covering the results of ActiveSG RED RUN 2.4. The story was largely based on the report published earlier on (link) and the cover photo was taken from the same site.

We were wrong, and we want to apologise to the admins of who felt that we plagiarised their story and highlighted that we used their photo without permission (press release by

We take plagiarism and ethics very seriously ourselves and we would never engage in such practices intentionally. Unfortunately, our zest to cover as many stories and news as possible has lead to overlooking fair practice.

The aforementioned photo has been removed and the article re-written to remove any instances of plagiarism.

Once again, we hope that all those offended will accept our apology, and we promise to take actions internally to avoid any such issues in the future and continue to serve the running community.