Get off your feet as much as possible! Conserve your glycogen and keep hydrating! Remember to take it easy. Do not spend your free time shopping or sightseeing.


Drink up! Sports drink or electrolyte supplement. You need to bring your electrolyte levels up. Carry a bottle around with you and drink up from time to time.


Eat the foods you have been eating during training on the night before the race. Do not eat anything new. Focus on carbs.

DO NOT try anything new

Did you go to the expo, bought anything new and expected to use it in the race? Please, no new gels or drinks, no new gear or clothes. Stick to what has worked so far. You will have plenty of opportunities to try out new stuff after your race day.


Do a light run 3 days before the marathon. While running, breathe deeply, relax and enjoy.

Know the course.

Study and familiarize the course map and match it up with your race strategy. JustRunLah! has the only race database with maps and essential information for all events.

Stick to your plan.

Stay on your goal pace as much as possible. Do not panic too early. Follow the pacers if needed.


Do a check during the early KMs and midway through the race. You should feel relatively comfortable up until the 32km mark. Remember marathons start at 32km. You should be able to get to that point comfortably, then you have to work and see how tough you are. At 32km, it’s all about what you have left.

Be Mindful.

Sleep early the night before. No alcohol. Make sure you eat and drink well in the hours before your race.

If all things fail on race day, JustRunLah! and enjoy the journey!